About Us

At Budge, we believe that people are fundamentally good inside and want to help others. But we also know that donating to charities can be a bit of a drag. They tug on the heartstrings. They require long-term commitment. They drain the bank account. That’s why we developed a fun and exciting mobile platform that lets you play with your friends and give to charity at the same time.

It works simply. Just create a Budge and challenge your friends to anything. And by anything, we mean it could be: a game of chess, a pizza-eating contest, even a burp-off. If you win, they give a micro-donation to a pre-selected charity. If they win, you do.

But in the end, the real winners are the people in need who are receiving funds. Aww.

That’s Budge in the proverbial nutshell. It’s the simple, engaging and dare-we-say, revolutionary way to give to charity.